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Luxury hot tub

Enjoying the hot tub

Cringles House has a luxury ten seater hot tub, which is included in the rental charge, and can be enjoyed throughout the year – though we are in an elevated position in the Yorkshire countryside so wrap up getting in and out of it!

The hot tub has views across the Yorkshire Dales.

Out of respect for our neighbours, we request that guests do not use the hot tub after 10.00pm at night.

The hot tub is a Hyropool 1083, the flagship of the Hydropool Self-Cleaning range, and is bursting with innovative features.

These include:

  • a large open seating area offering four dedicated deep immersion bucket seats
  • a full body lounger
  • a domed foot massager, complete with Hydropools reflexology jets.

For more details on the hot tub range visit here.

Hot Tub Safety and Usage Instructions, Rules and Terms

All guests and visitors to Cringles House must read, agree to and strictly adhere to the Hot Tub Usage and Safety Instructions, Rules and Terms on booking and during their stay at Cringles House.


The hot tub is a 10 seat tub with multiple jets.
The hot tub is a 10 seat tub with multiple jets.
Hot Tub Cringle House