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Hot tub instructions

Hot Tub Safety And Usage Instructions, Rules And Terms

All guests and visitors using or with access to the hot tub must read, agree to and strictly adhere to Cringles House’s Hot Tub Safety And Usage Instructions, Rules And Terms, which are available here, are included in your welcome email, and are in hard copy in the house.

Checking water quality

Yorkshire Hot Tubs will set up the hot tub ready for when you arrive, including changing the water and putting in the appropriate sanitisers.  They will also visit the house several times depending on your length of stay to check the water quality.

We ask that you perform some simple daily checks, including checking that the chlorine levels (see video below) and adding in extra chlorine as needed which we will supply.  We also ask that you check the

Hot tub control panel

The hot tub is fairly simple to use. Refer below or click Hot Tub Control Panel to see the panel, and which controls to use.