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Cringles House

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The house has an oil fired boiler which is in the small room by the back door.

There are two portable sensor controls for the heating – one which operates the upstairs and must be placed upstairs so that the temperature reaches the set temperature, and one for downstairs which must be placed in the hall or dining room.  Please set the temperate for each area using the appropriate control, and we advise leaving the sensor controls in their existing location.  The radiators in each room also have individual controls.

There are also portable heaters in the wardrobes for those who need extra heating in their room.  Please be careful when using these and read and follow the bedroom heater instructions. Do not cover them.

Television and audio

Most of the television and audio equipment at Cringles House is fairly easy to use, and we have left user guides in the house.

To help you to use it effectively, the guidance below may be useful:


To help you have a great time at Cringles House, we have the following games:

Wood burning stove

For those not used to lighting a wood burning stove, simple instructions can be found here. We provide a starter kit for you which includes logs, fire lighters, kindle and matches.
Please be careful when opening the stove when lit, so that hot pieces do not fly out and injure you. Also note that the fire surround gets hot and can remain so for some time, so please keep a close eye on children around the fire place and ensure they do not get close to it.


Note our electricity is 220 – 240 V, and our plug socket type is three pin UK type (Type G Cringles House Plug Type).

Rangemaster induction cooker

Cringles House has a Rangemaster induction cooker.
If you have not used an induction cooker before instructions can be found here.


The bathrooms and washrooms are well equipped. The main and en-suite bathrooms (with baths) have underfloor heating.
Note the bathrooms do not have electric shaver points, so please bear this in mind when deciding what to bring with you.


A large commercial waste bin is near the garage.  This is emptied every week.

If you wish to recycle bottles and plastics, can we kindly ask you to take these away for recycling.